Autobiographical writing
and embodiment courses
Connect to your body using a range of somatic approaches and find ways to tell new stories from the inside
that express the truth of who you are now.
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Tune in and listen to your body to learn what it's saying

Increase your experience of aliveness
When we feel more alive, we experience more connection to ourselves, others and the world around us. We are in the ‘flow’ of life, which brings a greater sense of wellbeing, peace and joy.

Our courses aim to support you to connect to that sense of aliveness in you, providing simple embodiment techniques so you can stay connected even when uncomfortable feelings surface. We use the writing process to express and articulate our experience to bring more clarity and light to our understanding of who we are. In doing this, we become the authors of our experience and our identity and we have the power to create new stories. The way we use language shapes our reality – when we speak from the body, we connect to our innate wisdom and truth.
We become more present.
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